Avast Illiteracy II

I loaded a free SAT prep app…just for fun..it’s been ages (ok, decades) since I took the SAT and I just wondered how much I remembered. After the first question I quit the app and deleted it from my phone in disgust.

It was a reading comprehension test – read the paragraph and answer the question. I followed the same pattern that had stood me so well in high school in the previous century and skipped the paragraph and just started in on the question. “The story is inferring what about the bear cubs?”


The story isn’t inferring anything. The story might have been IMPLYING something, the story might have made ME infer something, but the STORY was not fucking inferring anything. No wonder everyone I meet seems like an idiot these days.

To be fair – I have no idea whether that app was associated in any way with the REAL SAT people… If so they should be ashamed, and of not, they should sue.


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