Trapped In The House In The Rain With 1st Cat

Day 9.

The rain continues.

The sun is up, though you’d never know it; grey half-light, no shadows.

In an attempt to not go completely stir-crazy, I’ve tried to develop some habits. Let 1st Cat out, have some coffee, let 1st Cat in, dry 1st Cat off, read a little, let 1st Cat out, make the bed, let 1st Cat in, dry 1st Cat off, play a game, let 1st Cat out…you get the idea.

I itch, I ache, I’ve almost finished the 3rd series of Sherlock. I don’t understand binge-watching. I LIKE this show. I don’t want it to end. Why would I want to race through it all in one day? Then it’s gone and over and I’ll miss it. Much rather stretch it out… 1/2 hour a day, make it last.

Why no mention of 2nd Cat? He’s gone. We’re very sad about it, and we prefer to grieve in private. No flowers, please. 1st Cat is thriving in his new role as Only Cat. Neighbor Cat continues to visit, but not as often. Apparently 2nd Cat was the big draw.

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