And We’re Doing This WHY Exactly?

A list, in no particular order, of things that make me ask myself WTF? I’m wondering if anyone else has this same reaction.

1. The library making me wait for books I’m returning and putting on hold at the same time. Yes, yes, I know…I should have finished it in the SIX  weeks I’ve already had it. But sometimes things just come up.

Anyway… The situation is this:  Due today. No renewals left. Must be turned in. I get that. No problem, but if there are NO other holds but mine, why can’t they just take it from me, check it in, see my hold, and check it back out to me?

While I stand there.

Quick, efficient, painless.

Nope. It has to be restocked on the shelf. Even though they know I’m sitting in a chair watching them, and am going to follow them to the shelf, pluck it up as soon as they place it, and then follow them back to the circulation desk and check it it out again. And they know this because I TOLD them I was going to do that.

Please, someone tell me how this makes sense for anyone?

2. Everything the TSA has ever done.

3. The Ivory Tower In The Trenches. This one might not be such a “yep, that irks me too” thing, since it’s pretty specific to my job at my company, but it is causing me grief, and I want to spout about it.

Everyone in the corporate headquarters of our huge retail chain is going to be required to spend X number of days working in a store, on the front lines, dealing with the customers face to face.  To make us appreciate how hard those people work.

I KNOW how hard they work. I’ve DONE entry level customer service. It’s grueling, painful work. You’re on your feet, often on concrete, all day long. You’re answering the same question 100 times a day. You’re lifting barges and toting bales. I get it. It’s HARD, and none of us would have the jobs we have, up there in our Ivory Tower, if it weren’t for you. That is all true and I’m not denying it.

But you know what? I’m in I.T. I work with the world’s most precious commodity: data. I’d have a job somewhere. And it’s not like I’m going to be a better data modeler after spending a day saying “that’s in aisle 6”, or “would you like fries with that?” or “would you like that gift-wrapped?” I’m just not; the skill-sets do NOT overlap.

And you know what else? STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS! Don’t get a job where you have to write your name in black Sharpie™ on your apron/vest/shirt/dress/jacket. Because if you DO, the chances are you will be working very hard, for low pay. On your feet all day, possibly on concrete.

Oh, and for X number of days a year, you’re ALSO going to have to hold the hand of some corporate a-hole who doesn’t even know where aisle six IS.


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