The Dreaded Cruise

Yes, I am an ungrateful bitch. On Monday, I’m leaving for a 5-day Caribbean cruise with my husband and his parents (who are paying for the whole thing) and I DO NOT WANT TO GO. I’m being a whiny baby about it, nothing is going to be fun, it’s all going to be horrible, it will be loud and crowded and noisy and there will be horrible people and their even more horrible children all over the place and the room will be small and everything will be damp and smell funny and I will eat too much (although that one will be my own fault) and it will either be too cold or I will get sunburnt and and and I just do NOT WANT TO GO.

Phew. That felt pretty good.

The cruise will suck, that’s how I feel – I cannot help this feeling

Loud and crowd and overeat – Bed too close to the ceiling

(And THAT is why I don’t write poetry)

Possibly the worst part is, we have made a conscious decision to NOT buy the wi-fi package so JUST as I am getting addicted to this blogging thing, and reading everything that so many fantastically talented people are writing, I will have to go FIVE WHOLE DAYS without it and them. Aauugghh, I’ll be SO far behind in my assignments!!! And I’ll have SO much reading to catch up on!!!

At least we’ll all have fun writing and reading about the misadventures of “DataTater At Sea” when I return.


3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Cruise

  1. mariewilliams53

    I’ve never been on a cruise and never want to go on one. The whole idea of being at sea leaves me awash with anxiety. So I do sympathise with you. But I think if someone else were paying for it, then I might just be persuaded … Have fun under the circumstances!:)

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    1. datatater Post author

      I know, I know…and I keep TRYING to be thankful…I know that I’m complaining about something that many people will never have a chance to do ever. Spoiled cow with first-world problems, that’s me. Oooh, poor me, my hand-crafted artisanal cheese doily clashes with my new mani-pedi color! My life is RUINED! I promise to enjoy the cruise for you, Charlie, if not for myself. What’s your favorite thing about cruising? I’ll do it twice.



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