All The Blogging 101 Assignments I Missed While On The Dreaded Cruise

I know it’s not mandatory, but I’m an underwhelmed-with-work-at-the-moment overachiever.

Make A Prompt Personal and Add A New Page – well, I’ve done that before, and I’ll probably do it again.

Build A Better Blogroll– yep – good one. I’ve added Links to a fascinating Data Architecture site (no, really, don’t fall asleep, it’s GOOD STUFF!), an indescribable comic strip, and a funny funny blog which may well offend MANY people (not my problem, get over yourselves)

Increase Your Commenting Confidence – done, and in fact I found FOUR new blogs to follow this way 🙂

Try A New Posting Style – ok, I have some ideas to throw around. Maybe I will.

Content Loves Design – nope. Not gonna do it. Too much fiddling about already.

Plug Into Social Networks – no, no, no. Let the family from Facebook see what I said about the cruise??? Let my professional colleagues from LinkedIn see ANYTHING about my private life??? Let the idiots from Twitter see that I can spell and construct complete sentences??? I think not, thank you.


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