Blogging 201 – My Failure Of A Brand

Sigh. Only the second day into Blogging 201 and already I am a total failure. Apparently it’s not enough to just write things you think about and that you think other people might like to read. You have to market yourself, Tweet about what you just wrote about, Facebook about what you’re GOING to write about, supersaturate the planet the fact of your existence.

And if that weren’t enough, now I have to stress out about whether my freaking FONT is metaphysically, ethically, morally, spiritually and in every other way in tune with the gestalt of my blog.

I can’t do it.Β Gah.

Tweek from South Park

“Oh man, that is way too much pressure!”



7 thoughts on “Blogging 201 – My Failure Of A Brand

  1. Kevin Phillips

    Here’s a tip. Use something like Buffer to create one promotional message with your blog linked & Buffer will share it across all your Social Networks. It cuts down on the share time considerably. Good luck, & remember, it’s not just about Blogging. You will have to Brand & Market yourself with any career path you choose. It’s just some professions have easier audiences to impress then others.


  2. sassycare

    LOL that featured photo is way too cute! It’s completely up to us, though. Or so I think? I mean, you can skip the social-media-flooding yourself part. And then continue on with the tasks. There will be some assignments which will still be very interesting even to us who don’t want to supersaturate the world about our blog. Well, I hope! Keep up, it’s early to quit! πŸ™‚

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    1. Lili

      I confess that I’m skipping this branding bit too and just keeping it in mind .. (plus we already did some in blogging101). But I don’t have a cute litte picture like yours to announce it to the world … ! πŸ™‚ Gah!?

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