In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Once upon a time last week, a wicked fairy visited a peasant woman. The woman’s name was CanDo, and she was poor, but clean, and tried to do the best she could for everyone, even if it meant hard work and sacrifice for herself.

The wicked fairy said, “CanDo, you always work so hard, and do more than anyone around you, and I have some work that needs to be done right now. So I’m going to tell YOU to do it, since that way I know it will get done.” The fairy wanted CanDo to turn a loaf of bread into a delicious cake to feed to the king at his birthday luncheon. But CanDo was friends with the Royal Baker (she was so nice and kind that EVERYONE was her friend), and he told her that he had already made many delicious cakes, and what they really needed for the feast were sandwiches. Everyone in the kingdom knew how the King felt about sandwiches. He LOVED them. Couldn’t get enough of them.

“Well, FML,” said CanDo, “that bastard fairy is just making me do busy work, and when the luncheon comes, SOMEONE will lose their head because of no sandwiches.” So CanDo took the bread, and sliced it just right and made perfect sandwiches for the king’s luncheon. But she kept them hidden from the fairy, under a beautiful lace cloth, and told him the ‘cake’ was perfect, but that no one could see it until it was unveiled before the king.

The wicked fairy chuckled to himself, this was going to be SO MUCH FUN… The fairy liked nothing better than to cause trouble and make people upset. (No one knows why, he was just bad like that.)

The time of the luncheon came at last, and all was made ready in the Royal Celebratory Auditorium. There was music, and great bunches of flowers everywhere, and herds of butterflies had been cajoled into flitting around, making the room look magical. The fairy was about to wet himself with evil anticipation, especially since he noticed the King looking at all the beautiful cakes and pastries and pies and sweets that were displayed, with a look on his face that said pretty clearly, “um, yeah, this is nice but where are the sandwiches?” (It’s hard to describe what that particular look looks like, but trust me, you’d recognize it if you saw it.)

Just then, CanDo came into the Royal Celebratory Auditorium, bearing her tray covered with the beautiful lace cloth. “Ooh, look, Your Majesty, at whatCanDo has brought. Why, I think it’s another cake!”, said the horrible fairy, rubbing his evil warty hands together.

“NO”, roared the King, “No more cake!” His face grew red and his neck began to swell up as he grew very angry at the thought of more cake. (You might think this is a bit of an over-reaction, but you know… Kings. They get so used to having their own way that they can act like spoiled brats sometimes.)

CanDo placed her tray on a nearby table, curtsied deeply at the King, and then carefully lifted the beautiful lace cloth. The King’s face when he saw the sandwiches (which, by the way, were his favorite Marmite, Nutella, and cinnamon. Again…Kings, who can understand ’em?) lit up like a sunny day. He was so delighted that he praised CanDo to the entire gathering, and told her to ask him anything, that whatever was within his power to grant would be hers.

But over in the corner, the fairy was in shock. How DARE this peasant defy him! Never mind that he had given her an unnecessary, not to mention impossible, task. She should have obeyed him. He was so angry that the red face and swelled neck of the King a moment ago was nothing compared to the PURPLE face and doubled-in-size neck of the fairy. In fact, he was SO angry that he exploded.

CanDo smiled at the King and said, “No thanks are necessary, Your Majesty, I’m doing ok.”

And the moral of the story is… while it’s a good thing to do what people ask of you, you also have to think for yourself and do the RIGHT THING.   The End.

Ok, so I got a little carried away with the story. No one actually exploded last week, and I have never made a Marmite Nutella sandwich, with or without cinnamon; but I was asked to do something, in a hurry, that I didn’t think should be done. So I didn’t do it, and it turned out that I was RIGHT not to have done it. I win. The End.



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