Thanks But No Thanks

I’ve been nominated for an award, the substance of which seems to be that I get to add a widget, face an inquisition, and then subject other bloggers to the same thing. It smells like a pyramid scheme, though I can’t see any profit in it. So, while I thank Jaime and Belinda for the honor, I will politely decline.

Which leads me to today’s Daily Prompt: (Your Thing) For Dummies.

Being A Bitch For Dummies

1. Always attempt to see the downside of any situation, no matter how positive it might appear at first sight.

When given a gift, look for the flaws, and be sure to mention that you A) already have one, B) are allergic to it, C) used to have one but sold it at a lawn/yard/garage sale, or D) will be able to re-gift it for a work colleague’s birthday.

2. Be sure to put your feelings ahead of anyone else’s.

If invited to a party, reply that you are pretty sure you’re available that night, but you just don’t want to come. “Other people’s houses are always so weird”

When a group of work colleagues are having a lunch, or after-work drinks party, decline on the basis that you “don’t like that place” (the message being that you don’t like THEM enough to put up with a place you don’t like).

When complimented or praised, first ponder aloud what’s in it for the giver.

And that’s about it – it’s easy. WAY easier than being kind and thoughtful and giving and nice.

1 thought on “Thanks But No Thanks

  1. hirundine608

    No prob! I understand. I expect that’s why the recipients are asked to name so many others? For there will always be those who, for whatever reason. Balk at it. Thanks for making it plain and upfront. Cheers Jamie

    Liked by 1 person


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