Random February Prompt 18

First of all, thanks to Charlie for leading me here, which led me to THIS great prompt:  5 tips to take the perfect photo

I’ve been stagnating lately; I have nothing to say. I’m in a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological grey funk. Oh wait – it’s called FEBRUARY IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE! I remember. It will pass. Until then I can either roll into a ball on the couch and watch TV, or DO something. Plus work sucks, the worst possible outcomes keep coming out at the worst possible times… blah blah blah shut up about it, nobody’s happy and nobody wants to hear you bitching.

ANYWAY…. here are my 5 Tips To Take The Perfect Photo.

  1. Own the perfect camera
  2. Find the perfect subject
  3. Go to it when the light is perfect
  4. Have perfectly steady hands
  5. Take the picture, duh.

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