Local Flavor in Mid-Coast Maine

prompted by the Daily Post: Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

If you’re taking advantage of one of our “Staycations with Kids” during the summer – you’re in for a REAL treat!

Once the morning fog has burnt off and the temps get above 45, you can head out to the hill for some blueberry picking. Watch out for seagull droppings!

At the top of the hill, take a moment to look around, and notice the hundreds of tiny islands dotting the horizon beyond the bay. That’s all, just look. We never DO anything to, for, or with them, they’re just there. Like the stars, not of us, but always with us. Go on, take a look.

Ok, that’s enough, those damned berries aren’t going to pick themselves are they?

On the way back home with that measly 1/4 pint of berries which is all you managed to find in 2 hours, we have to stop at Elise’s and see if she’ll let us have a couple of eggs to make the pancakes! (Yes, of course for breakfast. What? You thought you earned breakfast just by rolling out of bed, did you?)

Now let’s hit the beach. Watch out for seagull droppings!

You might not recognize this AS a beach, of course, since it’s mostly rocks and seaweed and dark grey mud. But you’re with us now, and we call it a beach. Go ahead, lay out your towel on a flattish rock – be sure to put smaller rocks on the corners, that wind comes up pretty fierce sometimes. Now let’s dip in our toes. What’s that? Swim? Sure, you can swim if you want, the water’s about 59 degrees Fahrenheit, knock yourself out. I’ll be here on the rocks, ummm, beach.

Brought your fork?    No, Not that fork.    Atta boy.

It’s steamed clams for lunch. Providing you find any. Start digging.


…which leads to this…


… which becomes this back at home..

Chow down.

And now it’s time for a little nap in the sunshine… Watch out for seagull droppings!

ok – wake up and let’s get moving! That lobstah ain’t gonna catch and steam itself!

<That pretty much sums up the vast majority of my summer days as a child. {Another reason why I get so irate at myself when I complain about ANYTHING. In retrospect that was a damned nice place to grow up.}  The lobstah catching, not so much a real part of my experience – I never did actually go out and catch any lobsters, but we did eat them a lot. BEFORE I read David Foster Wallace’s essay, Consider The Lobster, which I do NOT recommend reading if you want to continue to eat lobsters and you have a soul.

While none of those pictures are my OWN, the majority of them actually ARE from VERY near where I grew up, and all links click back to original sources.>

Oh, and you thought I was kidding about the seagull droppings?


3 thoughts on “Local Flavor in Mid-Coast Maine

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  3. aranislandgirl

    Love it! Memories of blueberry picking..filling tupperware cups full, eating as many as we saved. I have a friend who was a seagull poo magnet, poor girl. No one would put their beach towel near her. I grew up on the sandy southern shore of York County, but did a bit of rock rollerblading, yes, you heard me right, rock rollerblading on a bit further northern shores. Unfortunately, it was long before camera phones, so I have no proof to back up this claim. They don’t call us Maineiacs for nothing.

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