How I Went From Excited To Mad To Excited Again To Worried To Confused And Ended Up At Happy

I had a Spam. On my dashboard. Me! Spammed! How thrilling, I thought, my first  spam! (I’m new to blogging, you realize that, right? EVERYTHING is still a thrill.)

It seems that I was re-posted on another blog! Something called Destinary. Well, THAT’s not spam, I said. That’s an honor. That’s someone saying that what I said was good enough that they wish THEY’d said it. Isn’t it? OH!!!! UNLESS THEY STOLE IT! Those BASTARDS! In a rage, I clicked the link – and there was my “Local Flavor” Daily Prompt post. And it said “by datatater” right on it. Attribution in place, hence no stealing.  Let me go look at this site, I thought. They obviously have amazing taste 😛

My way of internetting something is to search for it, rather than just type in the actual name of the thing. So I went to my search engine of choice and  instead of typing, I just typed destinary. The first link that came up was for the site itself, but the second one caught my eye: How to stop stealing my posts. OH NO!!!  It was a link to the WordPress forums, from back in May of last year and  I won’t repeat it all, you can go read it yourself, but the gist is that our posts are by default in the public domain so change that to ‘private’ or shut up. I’m still very confused as to how a post is “stolen” if it’s attributed, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was re-posted. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Yay me. Yay blogging.


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