I Don’t Understand…

…why anyone gets upset about the new WordPress editor. Don’t use it. Clicking ‘WP Admin’ will take you to what is, to me (because I’m new here), the OLD editor, which is fine, just fine.

…why anyone gets upset about gay marriage. You don’t HAVE to do it. Especially if you’re not gay. You do understand that just because it’s legal, that doesn’t make it compulsory, right? For heterosexuals to get upset about gay marriage is as silly, to me, as a meat-eater getting upset that a new vegan restaurant opened in their town.

…why anyone gets upset about anything other than abuse of the weak and vulnerable. Now THAT is something to get upset about. And everyone should.

Oh, and when they choose the completely WRONG actor to play an iconic fictional character (yeah, I’m talking about YOU, Tom “NOT Reacher” Cruise). I’m good with getting upset about that.

How about you? What are some apparently important things that you don’t understand the fuss about, and what are some trivialities that you MAKE a fuss about?


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand…

  1. Lili

    I’m sorry, I’d like to answer but right now I’m too Monday hazy to be able to express anything properly!!! Just: I agree with you 🙂



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