Wednesdays, Am I Right???

I said both of these things today – and meant them:  “Shit, it’s already Wednesday!”   and    “Shit, it’s only Wednesday!”

When do I think Wednesday should BE? I’m not ready for it AND I thought it was over.

It’s kind of like Easter, about which people are always saying “oh, it’s late this year” or “my, it’s come early this year”.  There’s no normal for either of these things.



7 thoughts on “Wednesdays, Am I Right???

    1. datatater Post author

      But…but… a Friday without a Saturday?!?!?! Or does Thursday become First Saturday? But… but… then you would jump from Saturday to Friday…oh wait. THAT would be AWESOME!

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      1. alba10

        So we have Monday, Thursday, 1st Friday, 1st Saturday, 2nd Friday, 2nd Saturday, Sunday.
        We need to keep Monday’s in to appreciate the weekends properly 😉



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