Consider It Finished.

Finish It #4, a blogging event by Author S B Mazing, in which an introductory paragraph is provided and you must finish the story.


They were standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. It was hard to believe that they were here after all they’ve been through.

They looked good; a little tired maybe, a little banged up, but whole, and most importantly, together.

Who’s first? Him, I decided, and took aim.


6 thoughts on “Consider It Finished.

  1. 39yearslame

    A very final finishing indeed!

    And yet, I kind of want to know more. Who were they, and why was an assassin hired to kill them? Or is the assassin the lead, and these people little more than background color, like the enemies finished off before the opening credits of a Bond picture? Or is the speaker/narrator not an assassin, but a murderer, just killing them because they’re there, or out of a personal grudge?

    Ahem. Sorry. Probably a lot more thought than you wanted put into it. It’s just an intriguing set-up with so many possibilities.

    In any event, I love how you took a prompt that seemed to be building towards happy/sappy and turned it on its ear.


      1. 39yearslame

        You shouldn’t feel that way: jokesters are an important part of this world! 😀

        What’s really important is that what you wrote achieved its goal: it made the reader (in this case, me) laugh.

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