If Only They Would ASK! Part One

I know I could fix the problems that so many people seem to have, if they would just ASK me.

To the woman who comes into a conference room and walks around the table peering intently into each empty chair, studying them all oh so carefully before selecting one to sit in:. Now, I grant you that some of our chairs are a bit iffy:

But no one else seems bothered. If you CANNOT sit on one of the above, please bring a damned slip cover with you to all meetings; your precious ass will be safe from the crumbs and cooties of your coworkers, and we can start our meetings 3 minutes earlier.

I called this Part One, because when I started this, I was pretty sure I had 4 or 5 examples, but once I started writing, all but the chairs went directly out of my head. So there will probably be more of these in future. 


3 thoughts on “If Only They Would ASK! Part One

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