Preview of M is for Meditation

I just received this invitation FROM OPRAH, to a free 7-day meditation experience to Unleash My Inner Goddess.

I’ve always been of the opinion that my inner goddess was something of a snarky bitch, and that unleashing her would be a terrible horrible very bad mistake. LEASHED she is pretty scary.

But am I going to argue with OPRAH? That’s one massively awesome woman right there. If she is giving me permission to unleash that unholy hobgoblin, I’m going to take it. Have you ever listened to her voice? Regardless of what she is saying… that voice alone could sell veal to vegans or Brylcreem to Carrot Top.

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Come along with me as  we get in touch with our inner whatevers. It’s free. What do you have to lose?


9 thoughts on “Preview of M is for Meditation

  1. aranislandgirl

    I checked it out today but have to say I was disappointed. I suppose I’ll give it a go again. What did you think? Have you been doing the 21 day meditation?
    That carrottop pic is super creeeeepy! 😛


    1. datatater Post author

      I feel I was a bit misled and so, in turn, misleading… It isn’t a meditation so much as a series of essays, I guess. Interesting, but not what I was expecting.
      The Manifesting True Success, though…wow! That is VERY good. I just read your post on the progress so far… Good job!
      I’ve been keeping up with it, but sometimes it feels almost overwhelming. There’s SO much in each session, I don’t feel like I’m giving each of them enough time. I need more hours in my day!
      But I AM feeling changes in myself, I’m thinking about things in ways I never expected. And I have YOU to thank for it 🙂

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      1. aranislandgirl

        Ditto to all that. It is a real commitment and i’m hopeful it will become a priority for me. I def feel the benefits from it.
        In fairness to you, it didn’t exactly give a description, not even a start date as best I could tell. I don’t mind essays, but it felt rather fruitless to me. Maybe because I felt it wasn’t anything that most women don’t already know, whether it applies to themselves or not. No regrets anyway, it didn’t take too much of my time and no harm done. Look forward to the next few as different authors, different styles, etc.


  2. hirundine608

    I have been meditating, since my early twenties. Well over forty years. It was the best thing I ever did.

    Still it is important to have the right meditating method. As too, the right teacher. There are many methods out there. The ones I learned. Were basically the same ones as from Radha Saomi sect. While I cannot exactly say what others are. For they all seem to vary somewhat. I learned to meditate on the inner senses. For every external sense organ. There is conversely, an inner one.

    Meditation is not easy. It requires one to commit. Will there be any “unleashing”? I doubt it. Yet, it does allow the participant to become more understanding of themselves and the power of the mind to interrupt. For as good as the mind is. It makes a good servant and a poor master. Good luck and best wishes, Cheers Jamie.

    P.S. One needs to remember. You cannot run before you learn to walk. So do not expect too much after ten days. -J.


  3. bethanyc14

    I always tell myself I should take up meditating to de-stress…then I decide that I am too stressed to take the time to meditate!



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