A is for Anything


I don’t have a theme for my April A to Z challenge; I was too Afraid of locking myself in. So it’s going to be about Anything.

Anything that I happen to think of, that I see or hear or experience that makes me say “Whaaaa???” and that I want to share with the world (well, the little piece of it following me, anyway). The Antics of my cat Ned and my husband Mr Tater. Some really good (or really Awful) food or drink.

So welcome Aboard the DataTater A-to-Z Challenge… let’s see what Awaits us.

And for now, because this IS the internet and since I don’t post  porn, here’s a picture of a cat.

Ned Helping With Laundry

Oi! Rub my tummy!

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

22 thoughts on “A is for Anything

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  2. Manzanita

    The cat looks exactly like mine….. well was someone’s other than mine but then she came to live with me. Now she is getting old with me.
    You’re off and running with that sparkling A introduction.


  3. Danielle L. Zecher

    I’m not doing a theme, either. I don’t like the idea of being locked into something for a month. Like you, I’m going with anything that seems like a good idea during the challenge.


    1. datatater Post author

      I didn’t start early enough to plan out 26 posts on any one thing, but if I do it next year, I’d like to try a theme – have to start about NOW to figure out what it will be though 🙂


    1. datatater Post author

      Thanks! I hope it doesn’t disappoint 🙂
      I’ve pre-scheduled up through N, so I have some breathing room. We’ll see how I get on with those pesky ones at the end!

      Liked by 1 person


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