B is for Bagel


Mmmmmm….Bagels. Having been born and raised in the Greater Metropolis/Gotham City Metropolitan Area, Mr Tater had long been familiar with these solid masses of breakfast goodness. The best ones came from  little hole-in-the-wall delis, usually in strip malls, next to Chinese restaurants, hand-made by Mom and/or Pop, or by the  Bubbie, if you were lucky. Heavy yet soft, chewy yet digestible, they came in several flavors, all of them savory (more on this point later). I was unfamiliar with them, except from books, though once introduced, I made up for my early years of deprivation with a vengeance.

Image courtesy of Einstein Bros website. Used without their permission whatsoever, so please, no one pay me for this blog post.

Then we came here. Dunkin’ Donuts bagels. Lenders FROZEN bagels. Oh the horror. Then I got my job at the fancy-pants headquarters of A Major Retailer and discovered Einstein Brothers! {on a side note: OH MY GOD!!! When I went to their website to grab the address for the link, what did I find?  Nutella Schmear!!!! NUTELLA SCHMEAR!!! While there should not exist such abominations as fruit-flavored bagels, or any kind of non-savory flavor for that matter, I think even my strict dietary fiats will allow Nutella on a plain, an egg, or perhaps even a pumpernickel.  But I digress…}

Sort of right across the street from my office building, well, right across an 8-lane interstate from my office building, between Starbucks and Willy’s Mexican Grill… an Einstein Brothers bagelry (bageltique?). My discovery of it was a cause for great celebration in the Tater household. I stop there once a month or so, and bring home a baker’s dozen. What we can’t stuff into our faces in the first couple of days, we pop into the freezer; nuked for 10 seconds and then toasted, they are ALMOST as good as fresh. And still miles better than any other option available to us around here. I stick with pumpernickel almost exclusively, while Mr Tater spreads his favor between sesame, garlic and onion. (Luckily he’s not a Nutella fan – NONE of those would work.)



Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


13 thoughts on “B is for Bagel

  1. hirundine608

    When we (my ex. and I) used to visit Bellingham, WA. A stop at “The Bagelry” Was our last stop before leaving for home. While I always enjoyed plain cream cheese on them. The second choice was an excellent smoked salmon flavour cream cheese. Thusly, building the perfect bagel. Plain cream cheese and a light dusting of “Spike” …. on a garlic bagel. Divine!

    B is for Bagel, sounds like a detective novel?

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  2. alba10

    I luuuurve bagels too…. but Nutella – Gadz!!
    Chocolate should only ever be in squares – preferably Cadbury’s squares – but I’m quite versatile with my bagel toppings (apart from chocolate) 🙂
    Mmmmmm….. bagels 😉


    1. datatater Post author

      They’re pretty close, the Einsteins. Unless I guess they could vary by location and I just got VERY lucky! Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for co-hosting! LOVE the A-to-Z!


  3. George

    There is nothing like a good bagel and you’re right, the NY metro area has the greatest concentration of really good bagels. And Nutella…..well, that’s one of the greatest creations of this or any century. You can put that on anything and have a party going on in your mouth.

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  4. Jonathan

    The only bagels we can get near us are from the supermarket (all the bakeries have gone). We get mass produced “New York Bakery Co” bagels, that are available from all the supermarkets here. They are ok, but like you say – not as good as fresh.



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