H is for Horns

HI recently watched Horns, the movie made from the Joe Hill book of the same name. This post will contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so if you haven’t read/seen it and you intend to – DO NOT READ FURTHER.

I’m a terrible reviewer, so I won’t even try – I just want to bitch about the entire underlying premise.  None of the story would have been able to happen (and that would have been a shame, because it’s a wonderful book and a pretty good movie – one of the better adaptations ever) if damned Merrin  hadn’t been so selfish. She wouldn’t have run out of  the diner  that night and the rest of it just never would have happened.

Ok sure, she’s dying – that’s hers and she owns it. But by deciding to hide it from Ig, by LYING to him about it, she’s making a life-altering decision FOR HIM that is not hers to make. If he wants to waste a couple years of his life watching her die, he should be allowed to. On the plus side: he gets the massive sympathy vote for the rest of his life for it. If he wants to walk away like a bastard, that’s his choice to make, too. She had no right to take that choice from him, and in the process,  open up the major can of worms that became the rest of the story.


Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

2 thoughts on “H is for Horns

  1. Grasping for words

    I just watched this within the last few weeks. I agree. When I saw that scene, I was like, “oh what the hell”. Why didn’t she say that? Just because she didn’t think he’d let her go? Why not, drive away into the night and leave him a pretty note saying that she was dying, blah blah blah.
    But I guess at the same time, then we wouldn’t have found out that his friend is actually a creepy murderer/sociopath. I guess you take where you can get it.
    I’d like to read the book, especially if you say its good (it’s pretty much always better than the movie). I like dark novels, especially ones coated in humor.



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