The Non-Anonymous Survey

I have several large projects all coming to a head this week AND to add to my hysteria, my boss’ boss’ boss sent out an email today to his entire organization:

Please reply by end-of-day today –

Is there anything you don’t like about your current work environment?

What changes/improvements might you suggest?

Seriously?? He expects anyone to ANSWER that????

Since my boss knows me fairly well, as SOON as that email came, he IM’d me – STOP! Don’t answer!  I assured him that I like both him and  his boss too much to put them in jeopardy by telling anything LIKE the truth to THEIR boss.

I  responded with the mild and politically-correct “Hazelnut coffee, please”. {We used to have hazelnut coffee in the breakroom, but then it disappeared and now all we have is Decaf Colombian, Ashtray, and French Vanilla.} Let’s see how well THAT request works out, shall we?


2 thoughts on “The Non-Anonymous Survey

  1. datatater Post author

    And here’s a followup to the story…
    As it turns out, there are plans to remodel our building – so we will all be moving around, new cube layouts, new conference rooms… and THAT was what he was referring to… What would we like to see incorporated into the new interior design. Well JEEZ! If we’d known WHAT we were commenting ON, we might have been able to give useful feedback.
    Now we’re going to end up in some kind of dreadful hamster cage and if we complain we’ll be told – “you had you chance to give input”!
    Sigh – Corporate America – Love It or Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


  2. coffeegrounded

    Don’t you just love the insecure leaders of the world. Poor lonely souls. Too much money in their pockets and way too much time on their hands. Tax season. That explains everything. First quarter reports. Damn, the worlds shaking there atlas.

    Along the decades of my life I’ve hid more news than reported it, but I have a story of redemption about a particular senior executive of a once well known institution. He come to my desk with a request. He wanted to know if he could observe my tasks. My lower on-the-totem pole boss instructed me to make room for his boss. In the midst of strategically stacking my workload priorities the senior exec asked me if I minded his request. I looked right at him and responded, “Mr. M…, I really can’t have you here. I am short on time and heavy on workload. Site readies and ETA’s, blah, blah, blah…need my full attention.

    That fella stood up, pushed his chair away and thanked me for being forthright with him. When he returned to corporate, my boss chewed the feathers off of me.

    That gentleman would one day tell me that my honesty and directness deeply impressed him. He also asked me to transfer to the corporate office and direct his team.

    My former boss? Prime example of, The Peter Principal.

    I understand that today’s workplace is nothing like yesteryear, but I do know that integrity is priceless. Consider that truth inside of you. It will be there when everything else withers.



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