L is for London



I’d like to make a little poem, about a place I know.

It’s London England, it’s a place we fairly often go.

We take a  plane and then a train and then big black car;

We seem to travel very long, but  not so very far.

There’s KFC, and Starbucks, and McDonald’s by the score,

Oh no, oh no, that’s just not right, not what we came here for!

We want a pub that smells like smoke, we want to drink small beer,

We want some deep fried cod and chips. We want it made quite clear:

If it wasn’t here in ’59, then don’t show it to  us,

We  want to pay with shilling coins the  double-decker bus.

We  want to revel in a time that didn’t move so fast,

We  want you all to lose your right to move out of the past.

“Not fair”, you cry, “shame shame on you, you selfish ‘mer’can twat!

Get with the times, it’s progress, love, so stick that in your hat.”

So fine, ok,  let progress come, I don’t give a tinker’s dam.

But PLEASE, OH PLEASE,  for the love of GOD! Don’t build that CAN OF HAM!



Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


6 thoughts on “L is for London

  1. hirundine608

    I grew up there iLondon n 1950’s and 60’s. Generally it’s a changed place. No, not plaice and chips.

    Cod? Well since the Canadian overfishing, the Cod is mostly gone. Shillings, well thanks to Ted Heath and Harold Wilson they became 5 pee and part of the E.U.

    International bankers have run England for a few hundred years. They like to keep quiet, so the Saxe-Coberg-Goethe family, now the Windsors, provide the diversions. The pretence of respectability, the veneer to give credibility to fool the uninformed. They are in deep with the international bankers, who help keep them propped up. Which is why those buildings like the “Gherkin” and the “Can of Ham”, come into existence. In the square mile of the City of London.

    You may, or may not, know? That in point of fact. The country of U.S. of A. is actually a subsidiary of the British Crown? That the independence fought for in 18th century, never actually happened. That legally, the U.S. became a subsidiary company of the British Crown. The British Crown is run by the same bakers that gave us the Hudson Bay Co. The British East India Co. etc. There are currently three places … perhaps five, if you count Monaco and Liechtenstein, that are free of the laws that govern the rest of us. The City of London, Washington D.C and the Vatican State.

    I might go on? I expect I’m likely already branded a nut job? The changes we both miss and rue. Are not changes bought about by population. They are bought about by International Bankers, that prey on us “the people”.

    One last thing. Does it not strike you as odd? That every single President of United States is a fairly close relative of those Saxe-Coberg Goethe’s and British royalty? Even Mr. Obama. They are related by blood, to previous English royal dynasties. These same family now known as Windsor were not so much however. There are closer relatives to the Stuart, Tudor and Plantagenet families in Europe. Than the ones originating in Germany. The Spanish royals for example. It’s all about the relationship to Merovingingian kings. Charlemagne, etc.

    The current ones, the Hanover to Windsors, were chosen by the Rothschild family. For their complicity and unending obedience. Such is the nature of wealth. Cheers Jamie.



  2. wendyj59

    Yes many of our newer buildings are a bit strange but thankfully there is still so much history here. You won’t be able to spend shillings on any bus now though. You’ll need to find yourself an oyster to travel.



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