Rain Rain Rain

No, I’m not skipping ahead to the R entry of the A-to-Z challenge. I’m just bitching about the rain.

It’s a monsoon out there and it’s preventing me from:

  1. Taking a walk
  2. Going shopping
  3. Tidying up the garden
  4. Planting more things in the newly tidied garden
  5. …ummm. Ok I guess that’s it, but I WAS planning on doing all of those things this weekend and now I’m just lazing around the house reading about kombucha and tendinitis on the Internet, playing Gummy Drop, and eating too much.

Mr Tater is unfazed by the rain as he has dedicated the weekend to making travel plans for the annual Mrs Tater Birthday Trip Extravaganza, so he was planning to plant himself I n front of the computer anyway.  Current front runners are walking in the Peak District and lazing on a beach in Vietnam.

Ned is unfazed by the rain as he knows that he can co mute in and out as much as he wants and will be dried off with a fuzzy towel every time he comes back in.

I alone am fazed. SO VERY FAZED.



6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain

    1. datatater Post author

      Yep. I know we NEED the rain, for the plants and the Earth and all, but geez! Can’t it confine itself to weekdays when I don’t care? (yes, it IS all about ME!) 🙂


  1. Wendy of the Rock

    We had weather like that here on The Rock yesterday ( which is probably today where you are coz Australia gets to have today while it’s still yesterday up there in the northern hemisphere… I live on the coast, so wasted lots of time just watching the weather over the water..
    Wendy at Wendy of The Rock


    1. datatater Post author

      Definitely. I never know til the last minute where we’re going though. He has a complex algorithm involving weather, airline schedules, hotel availability, phases of the moon, I’m not sure, maybe reading entrails… (Kidding, no entrails I promise)



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