S is for Selfish


alternate title: S is for Surely They Don’t Mean ME! 

What is it that gets in these peoples’ heads? Are they defective? Were they raised wrong? How do they LIVE with themselves?

You know who I mean – the ones who will toss the piece of paper on the floor RIGHT BESIDE THE TRASH CAN and not pick it up.

The ones who, in the break room, take the last of something (Styrofoam cup, sugar, spoon, anything)  and leave the empty container just sitting  on the counter-top. Generally right UNDER the sign that says, “Additional supplies are located in cabinet 4”. And even though  cabinet 4 is right there within arm’s reach.

The SAME ones who heat something the microwave and when it boils  over,  just LEAVE the mess  there for someone else to clean up.

Who spill sugar all over the counter and LEAVE it there.

Who send a document to the printer and upon discovering that the printer is out of paper, SEND IT TO A DIFFERENT PRINTER, thus making YOU (the next person who needs to print) not only have to load the paper, but also wait and watch someone else’s  35-page piece of crap print out before you can get YOURS.

Where do they LEARN this stuff?????

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


9 thoughts on “S is for Selfish

  1. Stephanie Faris

    All things I don’t miss about working in an office. I found those people always had someone who would come behind them and fix whatever they’d done, so they just kept doing it. When my mom worked in an office, she said this one group would come over and take their copy paper because it was closer than the big room where they were supposed to go get it. So she started getting copy paper one ream at a time so they’d have to walk further–but it punished her along with them.



  2. wendyj59

    Is it that they learn the bad habits or are they just never taught to have good ones and never challenged when they take the lazy option?


    1. datatater Post author

      Everyone is such a special snowflake these days; I don’t know what the problem is, bit I’m turning into the crabby old ‘Hey you kids get off my lawn’ lady! 😄



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