Y is for Yankees


If you Google “how many peachtree”, (unless your history has some very odd queries stored away), you’ll probably come up with a whole bunch of entries about the names of Roads, Streets, Boulevards, etc in Atlanta GA, all of which are named Peachtree something. Mostly it seems the authors of these entries all agree that there are ANY with that name because of an Creek Indian settlement named either “peach tree” or “pitch tree”.  None of them explains  why so MANY though.

The story I heard was that after the Yankees (aka the “north”,  not the baseball team) burned it down in 1864, Atlanta decided to make it too difficult for us to find it again.

It didn’t work.

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


2 thoughts on “Y is for Yankees

  1. storycraftersx2

    There is also a publishing house called Peach Tree – that term is taken to heart. But up here in “Yankee” land (in both senses of the word) Georgia peaches are kind of legendary. Could pride in produce have anything to do with it?



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