Z is (at last) for Zen Tangles



Abstract yet structured, detailed and mesmerizing, Zen Tangles are doodles on steroids. Awesome, right?

NOT mine; I'm not that clever.

NOT mine; I’m not that clever. Click for source webpage.

And a great way to use the scary Z of the A-to-Z challenge. Which was never really scary for me, because I had figured out WAY back at D or E that this is what I would do Z about. And so I never bothered to write it. I knew what it was going to be – a little chatter about what it is (semi-structured doodling, meditation, art), a little history lesson (haven’t been able to uncover when, but Rick Roberts and Mary Thomas [zentangle.com] kind of evolved it and now share it with the world), show some awesome examples scraped from tha werlt white wepp (see above), and then do one of my own and oh how we would laugh at my feeble attempt.


Yep, all mine. See the difference?

Yep, all mine. See the difference?

But then since I KNEW what I was going to do, I didn’t bother to DO it. I left it til the LAST minute and now I don’t have the time or the energy or the inclination to do the subject justice. So this is all you get – do your own research.


And just a note: I am totally blown away by that basket-weave-looking bit right at the very bottom of the cat’s … well… bottom. I tried and tried to do that one, but made a complete hash of it every time.

Written as the FINAL entry of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


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