I’m not being paid for this, or in any way compensated, but I have to say Tide ToGo is the greatest invention since the Bass-O-Matic.
I put some frozen blackberries in a plastic container last night in the fridge so they’d be thawed by morning, then threw them and a thing of yoghurt into a carrier bag to take to work for breakfast.
When I got to work, I lifted the bag off the car seat. Drip drip drip. O NOES!!
Oh yes, DARK purple juice was soaked through the bag, onto the seat, and into my pants leg where I had set the bag down in a moment of absolute non-thinking.



Dammit! Those are good jeans…soft and properly broken in, old friends, as it were.

I scrubbed with water and paper towels, which just managed to smear the color around. Then I remembered that I have one of those Tide pens in my desk.



Shake press rub wait.



Yup. Almost completely gone. There’s still a vague reddish cloud, but they aren’t destined for the ‘not to be worn in public’ pile, as I had assumed. Tide ToGo – not exactly in the “life-saver” category, but definitely something you want to have handy.

And wow, does my leg look unappealing in that picture.


2 thoughts on “Magic!

  1. rachelwhims

    completely 1000% agree! I love this thing! Whenever I go out, I always have my chapstick, my wallet and my Tide To Go stick. Sure I forget my children sometimes, but at least when I do remember them, they are (mostly) stain free.



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