Off On A Fabulous Birthday Vacation, Part 1

Of course, the weather is perfect right here at home. Sigh.

But the laundry is done, the cat sitter is booked, the mileage has been cashed in for tickets, the hotel has been confirmed…nothing is going to stop us now!

No traffic on the way to the airport. A propitious beginning.


My minions prepare my chariot.


We’re waiting in the departure lounge and two rows away there’s some sort of elder statesman/philosopher spouting to his age-inappropriate travelling companion about “the cloud of knowing and the cloud of unknowing”, and an (? or perhaps his?) “immense suffering and loneliness”. It was an awfully deep conversation for a Saturday afternoon, anyway.

But back to the fun…

Happy pre-departure AND pre-birthday champagne.


I managed to watch two movies: The Imitation Game, which made me cry (just a bit, twice), and Kingsmen (which made me laugh, out loud several times). And before I get blasted for saying that, no, I’m NOT saying it was a GOOD movie, just that it made me laugh. And Colin Firth can do no wrong, in my eyes. Well, except for Mamma Mia, now THAT was embarrassing.

Pre-arrival bacon butty. ย Anyone who knocks British cuisine hasn’t had a good one of these. And considering we were on an airplane going 600+ mph I think they did a pretty good job. With brown sauce. The Sauce of Champions. The Sauce of Manliness.


Next up…on the ground in London and at the hotel, about which I have MUCH to say.

9 thoughts on “Off On A Fabulous Birthday Vacation, Part 1

      1. alba10

        Oooh, now I’m thinking of all the food I’m missing. Pies, pasties, sausage rolls, not even mentioning flavours of crisps (potato chips) and chocolate!



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