Home From A Fabulous Birthday Vacation

Up later than expected, hurriedly packing (which should have been done last night), out the door, onto the train, through the airport, (stopping only to pick up Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off books at WHSmith (The Miniaturist and The Bone Clocks)), onto the plane, then settle in to read for 9 hours (and I’m really liking both of those books, btw)..

Home to Ned, who was very happy to see us and a 1/2 dead garden because of no rain + hot sun for 3 whole days.

Now a mountain of laundry – we always pack too much, never wear half of it, but Mr Tater insists we wash everything – it smells like airplane, he says. But he does his share, so I can’t complain.

And still THREE WHOLE DAYS of vacation left PLUS a weekend, which I will need to catch up on reading all the blogs I follow but have neglected; and I haven’t checked work email once – life is GOOD!


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