Cute As A What?

I’m suppose I agree that a bug,

Could be pretty darned snug in a rug.

And a Lord might be found full of booze.

But a whip that seems smarter

Is just a non-starter,

Regardless the test that you use.


A spoon can be runcible, silver or wood;

To convince me it’s mad, you’d have to be good.


But of all the analogies thought of and said

The one that, for me, keeps me banging my head?

Even on the best suit

Buttons just ARE NOT CUTE!!!!

And with that, I’m off to my bed.



One thought on “Cute As A What?

  1. coffeegrounded

    Cute little rhythmic rhyme, thought provoking too. Buttons on the cuff of a tailored suit sleeve. Why? Oh why? Now, off to dreamland I go, pondering why such things are so.



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