Out Of Order

Right after breakfast, start chopping carrots for soup, but then…

Remember that the things in the drier shouldn’t stay too long, so go take them out.

On the way back to the kitchen, get side-tracked by the front hall floor which is disgraceful, so go back to the laundry room to get the dry mop.

On the way, get side-tracked by those letters on the hall table, so take them out.

Once outside, get side-tracked by some weeds and stop to pull them up.

Take the weeds out back to toss into the woods, and on the way back get side-tracked by the petunias which look dry. Fill watering can and notice that birdbath is looking nasty. Dump out old water and go to garage to get nasty-birdbath-scrubbing brush. The sight of car reminds you that you really need to bundle up those clothes for the donation box. Head inside to do just that and remember the carrots which are still not chopped.

Go to the kitchen, and notice that the trash is pretty full. Bundle it up, and take it outside, which reminds you that you still have letters in your back pocket which still need to go in the box.

While putting letters in box, remember that you never got the dry mop. Realize that you are spinning in circles and are completely Out of Order this morning. Think that this might make an amusing blog post. Go unplug the iPad from its charger and sit down to write, then jump up again to start chopping carrots. But don’t forget about mopping the hall. And cleaning the birdbath. Oh…the petunias! Dammit, the donation clothes.

Finally get this written after dinner.

Should have stayed in bed this morning.


I need to be wearing this sign.


5 thoughts on “Out Of Order

      1. Arlee Bird

        Being tired or overly busy doesn’t make you a terrible person. I’m not really overly busy, but I’m always tired. I’ve been in and out of bed several times already today. In fact I’m tempted to go back to sleep right now.

        Arlee Bird
        A to Z Challenge Co-host
        Road trippin’ with A to Z
        Tossing It Out



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