Komodo Dragon Acid Spit Fingers

According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park website, komodo dragon spit is bad news.

Scientists had found some 50 different bacterial strains, at least seven of which are highly septic, in the saliva.

And apparently that is also a lot like what I have in my fingertips.

I had this keyboard for less than a year – look at all the letters that have worn off!





12 thoughts on “Komodo Dragon Acid Spit Fingers

    1. datatater Post author

      Oh. Did I not mention that I’m a famous fat-reducing plastic surgeon? I DO type “chins” a lot! Generally right after “…all three of your…”


  1. Mpls_Transplant

    Wow! This reminds me of the story of Phil Bronstein, who was editor of the SF Chronicle. Some zookeeper convinces him to take his shoes off during a tour of the Komodo dragon enclosure. Bit him on the foot and he had to receive this crazy antibiotic regime. Yuck!

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