The Other IMDB


Imaginary Movies By DataTater

I had planned to do some kind of Fan Fiction, but then realized I can’t write for shit. So instead I decided to create my dream casts of books that need to be movies, or TV shows and movies that need to be remade with BETTER casts.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, but remember – be nice. Well, nice-ish. YOU might think he’s a total farquaad but if I want him in my movie, well, it IS my blog and so I win.


Please note: this blog has no affiliation with the real IMDB, which I admire very much. I don’t think I’m in direct competition with you in any way, so please don’t sue me.


One thought on “The Other IMDB

  1. hirundine608

    It’s actually difficult to think of a movie that was well adapted, from a book. The formula for movies, it seems (especially from Hollywood) Is to focus on the spectacular. Lots of battles or chases, etc. The mundane is always excluded. For it does not thrill the audience. A book can take a reader to all sorts of places that a film cannot. … Imagination. Cheers Jamie.



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