Confederacy Of Dunces – The Movie

green hunting cap

Yes, I know, they’ve tried. But they didn’t try with MY cast.

Ignatius J. Reilly – Nick Offerman and Zach Galifianakis are both good options; but let’s think outside the box. What about Christopher Douglas Reed?

Irene Reilly – ME of course! Or Amy Sedaris

Angelo Mancuso – Joseph Gordon Levitt

The Mean Desk Sargent – Dennis Leary

Claude Robichaux – George Clooney

Lana Lee – Katherine Heigl

George, the ‘orphan’ – Slade Pearce (I know nothing about him, but he’s got the look.)

Darlene – Jennifer Coolidge (ok, she might be older than you’d expect, but can’t you just HEAR her “me and the bird’ll be boffo!”)

Burma Jones – Is Mos Def too old? Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, then.

Mr Watson, the Bartender from Mattie’s Ramble Inn – Can’t go wrong with Denzel Washington.

Mr Gonzales – Sacha Baron Cohen

Miss Trixie – Cloris Leachman (too obvious? I would have liked Elaine Stritch, but I was too late. How about Holland Taylor?)

Gus Levy – James Marsden

Mrs Levy – Kristin Wiig

Santa Battaglia – Roseanne or Madonna

Dorian Greene – Peter Paige

Timmy, the Little Sailor – Jean-Luc Bilodeau or Thomas Brody-Sangster (apparently, I think Timmy needs a hyphen)

Mr Clyde, of Paradise Vendors – Kim Coates

Myrna Minkoff – Emma Stone

Dr Talc – John Cusack

Did I leave any one out?


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