Well, Now I Feel Bad

I just lied to someone on the interweps. Someone I don’t even know. JoHanna Massey on her beautiful blog reviewed The Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold and I said I would rush out tomorrow  to get it and start reading it. I won’t. I have a STUPIDLY LARGE STACK of books on my nightstand, that I am reading in rotation – one or two chapters from the top book, then it goes to the bottom. I won’t get to that Moon thing for at least a month.

But I WILL get to it. Really. I will!


3 thoughts on “Well, Now I Feel Bad

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  2. Write This Down

    I do this too. I’m usually reading at least two books at a time. So many people ask me how I can do that and keep the stories straight. I don’t find it hard at all so I’m never sure how to answer them without sounding like I’m insulting them. I just read it? The cover and title reminds me what I’m reading? What do you say to that?
    That looks like a good stack there!



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