I WILL BE Charmed By Small Things

When I came into my very culturally diverse workplace this morning, there was an animal in the hallway! Not a real animal, of course, I don’t work in a zoo or circus, but on the ground was this sand art of a kind of bird, I guess. Happy Diwali!*


So I’m already smiling in the elevator. Then I get off at my floor, and head to the breakroom to turn on the coffee makers (I’m the first one here, or at least the first coffee-drinker here, so it falls to me). On the way there, I pass by a cube with a smiley-faced pumpkin on it – I’m smiling again.

WTF? I’m at work, and I’m smiling? I found myself being entertained and pleased by little things today, and I realized that is something that I miss about my younger self. I used to be so easily amused, but in a good way. I found joy in everything around me. But then something happened. I turned into a crabby old HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN kind of person and I don’t even know how that happened. So I decided right here and now that I will stop being that crabby old bitch. There’s plenty of misery and horror in the world without me adding my crab-vibes to it, and so much beauty and frivolity and fun that I could be channeling into good energy instead.

So watch out world – Fun-Lovin’ DataTater is BACK IN THE GAME!

* Diwali: A five-day Hindu festival of lights, celebrating prosperity in the coming new year – we’re celebrating here with the sand art, known as Rangoli, and with Indian snacks and (I believe) a Bollywood-style dance extravaganza!

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