Situational Earworm

You are familiar with earworms – those songs, or worse: PARTS of songs, that get stuck in your head and go round and round and round and you can’t make them stop and they just keep playing and playing over and over again the same 6 notes (dah dah dee, dah dah dum, dah dah dee, dah dah dum) over and over and over again. Yeah, those.

Well, I have one that comes upon me every morning when I go into the bathroom to dry my hair. I say “go into the bathroom”, because to avoid having to dry my hair in the steamed-up bathroom where I just took a shower, I always go dry my hair in the OTHER bathroom. It’s what I do.  Anyway – the MINUTE I walk in there to dry my hair The Man On The Flying Trapeze starts running through my head.

I emphasize to dry my hair because if I go in there for any other purpose, to use the facilities, to clean, to do anything OTHER than dry my hair, it doesn’t happen. ONLY in the mornings when I’m drying my hair.

Ok, that’s weird enough on its own, but honestly – that song is from 1934. I’m old, I know, but I’m not THAT old! It’s not like that was ever my ‘OMG I HAVE TO GET UP AND DANCE TO THIS’ song!

How about you? Any weird earworms to report?

And no, this does NOT have anything to do with today’s NaBloPoMoPro, but we just discussed jobs yesterday, so I’m veering wildly off track today. Because I can.

4 thoughts on “Situational Earworm

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  2. alba10

    Yes!!! The girl from Ipanema!!!!! I hate it 😦
    On holiday in September down in Florida at my sisters we went to a Brazilian steakhouse, and now EVERY SINGLE TIME I think of anything to do with that holiday that dang earworm starts up again.
    I have it now…. thanks Data! 😦

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