“So THIS Happened…” Sunday

Here’s an odd, or funny, or bizarre thing that happened during the past week, that I’d like to share. Maybe something like this happened to you? Or maybe nothing like is has ever happened in the history of happenings.

Feel free to share this idea and spread the weird!

So this happened last night:  Mr Tater and I thought we might like to get a pizza. We decided to call a place we haven’t tried before. It’s been open a couple of months now, we’ve heard good things, it always seems busy… These are good signs.

We called. And the phone was answered right away, but with “Randomly Named Pizza Joint, can you please hold?” Sure, no problem…it a Saturday night, we expected it to be busy. But WHILE I was on hold (with some extremely odd sort of 17th century harpsichord hold music), Mr Tater and I got to chatting about….

WHO was going to drive out in the rain to get it, which gass-less car would they take, and which gas station was on the most direct route to the RNPJ… And while that was going on, we decided that it was all just TOO much, and besides, didn’t we have not one, but TWO frozen pizzas in the house already and why don’t we just eat one of those?

I ended the call, put down the phone, and thought no more about it. And about 5 minutes later, the phone rang. We looked at the number, because we are NOT the type of people to just ANSWER a phone and shiver me timbers! It was the RNPJ returning the call! 

Which brings me (“FINALLY!”, they cry) to the whole purpose behind this post:  is that ‘good customer service’? Or ‘just plain creepy’?  We were torn on the issue, and it sparked a whole conversation about ‘are we really such curmudgeons that we don’t even recognize what nice IS anymore?’

So you tell me… A. Does YOUR pizza joint do that?, B. Creepy? or Customer Oriented?, and C. Why can’t we find a GOOD pizza place down here in Bumcheese Georgia?
Featured image credit:  keenforgreen.com


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