In an attempt to raise the level of drivel on tha intraweps, I hereby declare today TALK NOTHING BUT SHIT DAY* here at DataTater. (Not, you’ll notice, to IMPROVE the drivel, just make more of it.)

So first I’m going to whine about my breakfast – I didn’t have any, because I’m WAY too busy to nourish myself properly.

Now work: auaughghgh, I have a job that pays my bills, whaaaa; I have to sit in a comfy chair all day in a climate-controlled room where no one hits me with sticks, whaaaaaaa.

Commuting: ugh, my climate-controlled car, which runs just fine, ugh, the road that is paved and lighted for my safety, ugh the weather – well, ok that isn’t drivel – it really is awful, it’s been raining for WEEKS (although to be fair, we’re not underwater or having to sit on our rooftops surrounded by choleric flood waters so yes, also drivel.)

Family and Friends – slack-assed, spoon-fed gasbags, fiends and bastards all!

‘Cept Ned. Ned is not shit.**


* Or TALK NAUGHT BUT SHITE DAY for my readers across the sea.

** Nor is he shite.


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