1 Down –> 1 Up

In the interests of not just blogging about things that piss me off – from this day forward (mostly) if I have something negative to say, I will make sure to ALSO say something positive to balance my universe.

 Today I’m pissed off about:  people in elevators who keep talking after other people (I am the ‘other people’ in this scenario) get on; then ANOTHER pair gets on and THEY are talking, so each pair has to get a bit louder to hear themselves over the other pair… and it just keeps escalating until all 4 of them are SHOUTING and I push a different button than what I want just to get the hell OUT of there.

+ Today I am finding the charm in:  my senior manager, who just figured out what an ’emoticon’ is, and how to use them – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone made so happy by technology!



Featured Image credit:  corrupteddevelopment.com

One thought on “1 Down –> 1 Up

  1. hirundine608

    Laughing about the emoticons …. as Skype call them. For years I sued the keys on the board like this ;-] to employ humour and the ubiquitous 🙂

    It’s funny how somebody somewhere has patented, ordinary human ingenuity



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