Lordy it’s Friday, and my dogs are barkin’

I went through a week, and not just ANY week

That’s a week that I’ll never forget.

I bought a new book, and a used crochet hook,

And I took a giraffe to the vet.


The bookstore was crowded, I had to push in,

The tables and shelves overflowin’.

But I found it at last, in the store, oh so vast:

A book for my dear cousin Owen.

He’s been ill, as you know, or maybe you don’t…

(That’s a tale for another blog post)

But I knew that a book, with a sleek modern look,

Would cheer him and heal him the most.


Now with that chore complete, it was time for a treat,

So I hiked to the mall of my choice.

Where I glanced at the widgets with buttons and digits

And waited for need to give voice.


Do I NEED twin eggbeaters, or a pair of red cheaters?

Or a painting of sun on a tarn?

No! By gum, what I need, with a soul-aching greed

Is a hook and a pattern and yarn!


I browsed through the blankets and ponchos and capes.

I examined the textures and colors and shapes.

I bypassed some booties, a vest and a hat.

I finally settled on nothing, that’s that.


With so much to choose, my brain grew a bruise

I abandoned the mall for the street.

And indeed there I found (and I gave a glad sound)

A girl selling things on a sheet.


With a silvery sheen, and a color between

Ruby red and the rocks in a brook,

It captured my eye, as I sauntered on by

My fabulous new old used hook!


What a find! What a day! In my casual way

I gave thanks to the whatsit above.

And as I walked on, past the jai alai fronton,

My heart gave my chest a great shove.


He was limping a bit, and covered in shit

And his eyes were as grey as the moon.

A giraffe! What the hell? And he didn’t feel well,

He looked on the verge of a swoon.


Lucky for him, that day on a whim

I’d tucked in my bag a large tuber.

With a big old red yam, and the promise of ham,

I calmed him and thumbed up an Uber.


The driver was ok, in a hipster-ish way,

Unfazed by his ungulate fare;

We zipped to the vet, and there we were met

By a wonderful giver of care.


“Rest and calm is what he needs,

Give him grasses, give him seeds”

They tucked him up in a little bed

With a hot-water bottle on his head.


Now  you’ve had a peek at how I spent my week

It’s a week full of busy life-living.

But there’s no time to sigh, for tomorrow we fly

To my in-laws for early Thanksgiving!


I have NO idea where that all came from. I intended to do a generic ‘YAY! it’s Friday’ thing, and then THIS popped out!

Not based on a true story, except that last part – since we don’t want to travel on crazy-ass Thanksgiving itself, Mr Tater and I are heading to his parents’ tomorrow to air the grievances and gnaw on the celebratory carcass.


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