Here’s What’s Wrong With Me This Week…

I over-promise what I can deliver.  But it’s not my fault…not 100%, anyway. Imagine you’re a restaurant (or a waiter anyway) and someone orders a chicken sandwich and says they HAVE to have it in 30 minutes. Piece of cake, you say, and whip up the sandwich in 5. When you deliver it, they say, “Oh..wait… Did I say chicken? While you were gone, I realized that I meant HAM!”  No problem, you still have 25 minutes… Boom, done. But NOW they say, “Oh, no, not HAM! According to some dietary rules I just now looked at, it HAS to be a bowl of home-made, from scratch by hand chicken soup, from a chicken that hasn’t been killed yet, and a loaf of bread also made from scratch AND hand-churned butter made from that calf which won’t begin producing milk for another 6 months AND you DID promise it would be ready, umm, let’s see…17 minutes from now.”

So when I told Project A two weeks ago that I could have their stuff done by the 24th, it was because what they wanted done at that time was very different from what they actually want. AND now Project B popped up on Friday saying that NOW they are ready for me to start work on their GIANT project that was supposed to have started back in September, but they kept delaying and putting me off (“we’re not ready for you yet”) and now that the deadline is approaching they finally realize that they DO need me after all, so I can still get everything done by the end of the month, right? Ummm…. maybe if I’d been allowed to start on it at the beginning of the month, sure. But the “end of November” is what was promised to them back in the summer, so “end of November” IT MUST BE.  Whatever. It’s all good, and then you die.

But the actual good news of the week is – NEW TEAM MEMBER STARTS TODAY! It’ll take her a while to get up to speed, but YAY in advance.



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