The Cat Ate WHAT???

Since there were just the two of us, Mr Tater and I had a turkey breast roast football-shaped thing yesterday, instead of a full-on bird. It was fine, but we bemoaned the lack of a wishbone. The thought of bones put me in mind of a Thanksgiving many many MANY years ago…

After the main meal had been eaten, and the stomachs patted and the belts loosened; the womenfolk did the traditional Changing of the Table – taking the turkey carcass, the 3/4 empty bowls of mashed potatoes and squash, the skinned-over bowl with the remains of the creamed onions, the crusty stuffing plate and the drip-stained gravy boat out to the kitchen. Rolling up the tablecloth, drips and crumbs and all, to be shaken out the back door later and thrown in the basket for laundering over the weekend.

Then the beginning of Round Two. Bringing in and laying out the dessert tablecloth, the small plates, the short forks and tiny spoons, the cups and saucers, the coffee and tea pots and of course: the pies. Pumpkin and custard and apple – one of each because everybody doesn’t like something. And a big bowl of whipped cream, of course (nobody had heard of cholesterol back then). Even though we were all “too stuffed to eat another bite” ten minutes ago, everyone had something, some more than one something.

At last it was over, the feeding frenzy grinding to a halt for another year, the slow emigration of the dessert detritus to the kitchen when my mother gave a shriek and a laugh…

We all made our way as quickly as we could, given out bloated states, to the kitchen to see what the problem was. On the counter, where not half and hour ago had been the remains of a 20 pound turkey, with enough meat on it for at least two more meals, and plenty of sandwiches, and then the big pot of turkey soup – there on the counter was a picked-clean-as-a-whistle, bones-only skeleton… and the cat. Licking his lips and looking at us with half-lidded eyes, he slowly oozed down onto the floor, headed for ‘his’ chair in the living room and slept for 2 days straight.

Here’s hoping everyone had a fulfilling and satisfying Thanksgiving!



Featured image credit: Keath Beaty, Toronto Star

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