Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Well, rats! I had planned on going to go off on a rant about “fat free” food and how horrible and stupid it is, but during my “research”, I ran across this excellent article from the Huffington Post which said it all way better than I ever could. So today’s plan is ruined – imma go drown myself in:

Fat Free Half and Half





2 thoughts on “Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

  1. hirundine608

    Okay … a seemingly good article, from Huff. Post. One that in general, I embrace. For over-processed foods, have never been my meme. Nor those purporting to be low fat. If you want low-fat? Eat less, is my mantra.

    I am a vegetarian. I do eat some fish, eggs and dairy. Though the price of those, is ever-spiralling up as others climb on the bandwagon. Years ago, they were always value for money items.

    I do not eat, warm-blooded mammals. Those that also suckle their young. Why? I have my reasons. If you wish to know? Contact me.

    Which means my intake of saturated fats is quite low. Therefore by extension, also cholesterol. You know the bad sort. I exercise to produce anaerobic good cholesterol. One thing might be remembered in all this low-fat fervour. Is that our brains are mostly cholesterol. About 98%. So, it is necessary to intake fats of whatever type. I prefer coconut and cold-pressed hempseed oils. Along with EVO and those in my half and half. My last blood test showed my cholesterol level to be 2.39. Which was up from the previous test. Yet also well below most, which are around 4.

    Cutting out all dead animals from the diet, allows for guilt free consumption of butter and dairy milk. Though obviously, it is best to follow the guide. Of a little of this and a little of that in the quest.

    Will I live forever? hahaha. But my karma is generally good and I’ll take my chances with rebirth.



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