Not My Kind Of Meeting

Nobody likes meetings, that’s science. So if you have to have a meeting, you want to do it virtually, from your desk, or couch, and possibly while still in your jammies (at least from the waist down, where the camera can’t see). Enter – the virtual meeting tool, of which GoToMeeting is one. Be on camera, share your computer screen, chat during the boring parts… very handy.

I’ve used GoToMeeting. It’s good, it does what it’s supposed to do; it lets you have a meeting without paying any attention. This ad, however…this ad confuses me. (For some reason, in the original it says “body language” not just “body”, and that didn’t come through when I copied it, but either way it works for my point.)

Are they saying – “You do NOT want to be in the room with these people! She’s either yawning or laughing like a demented drain, and he’s in his underwear. Avoid! Avoid!”, thus hoping you’ll use their tool so you don’t have to share space with these fruitcakes*?  Or are they saying, “If you just attend this meeting over the phone (eww, how primitive!), LOOK at the fun you’ll miss! She’s hilarious and quirky, and he’s uber-hip!”, thus hoping you’ll use their tool so you won’t feel left out?

What do you think? Am I just old crotchety ‘hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn’-ing again?


*I apologize if any actual fruitcakes were offended by this; but… my blog, my rules.



3 thoughts on “Not My Kind Of Meeting

  1. hirundine608

    Uber-hip? No, the guy looks like he’s homeless? That’s not a meeting, although maybe he’s trying to pull her? An un-ironed thin t-shirt underwear is not proper attire for any meeting except on the sidewalk waiting for a hand out? She at least looks like meeting material? Maybe that’s the concept trying to be communicated? That it’s formal, with a informal element?

    When I was working, before retirement. I enjoyed meetings. Free coffee and doughnuts? What’s not to like? Except there was seldom any allowance for the time spent and the work then had to be caught up in a compressed time frame.

    What I did not enjoy was how most participants sat around, keeping their heads down. Letting the “boss” have the floor and not contributing with either good news or bad. Although the good variety, was obviously better?

    You would think? Meetings are about exchange of ideas and the transference of trickle down info. from HQ. Water seldom runs uphill, after all. Most of it depends on the chairperson. Whether Robert’s Rules? Or a free for all. With the most strident holding the floor.

    If the last meeting, has minutes? Then it will be a better meeting.


    1. datatater Post author

      I don’t go to your kind of meetings! 🙂 No donuts, no coffee, lots of posturing and back-side covering, lots of “we don’t know what we want, but you better have it for us pretty quick!”. As for the attire, what can I say – these kids today, they all look like clowns or bums. Of course then I remember my own days of leg-warmers, GIANT dangly earrings, combat boots with miniskirts, sigh – what goes around comes around, I guess.

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