Have A Very Flaccid Christmas

As seen on one of my recent walks around the neighborhood:

(and yes, so far this month I’ve walked at least 30 minutes every day. YAY me!)

Love the one on the roof especially:

Decorating for Christmas should be more than just dumping heaps of uninflated inflatable plastic on your lawn. If you’re going to go the horrible inflatable balloon route, then you should take responsibility for keeping the bastards inflated.

Be fair, you’re thinking, maybe the festive homeowners just set them out and you caught them before they had a chance to finish the project. Nope. Saw these one day, shook my head in disgust, but didn’t think of making it into a post until later; took the pictures the next day and was delighted to find them STILL like this.

How about you? Any exceptionally ugly, or exceptionally lovely, decorations in your neck of the woods?

I had originally planned to call this something like The Slaughter of Christmas, or Festive Corpses, or something like that, but with all the mass shootings going on lately I thought not.


5 thoughts on “Have A Very Flaccid Christmas

  1. hirundine608

    For someone here who positively dislikes the whole sordid yuletide season. I find they make me laugh. So, there is something good about the time? That is laughing at the whole tackiness of it all. Promoted by corporate interest.

    Yeah I know about the glory of giving etc. Do you remember the last time the bankers gave?

    I don’t “do” christmas and it’s positively liberating. Nothing to put up and zilch to take down. Cheers Jamie.

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