Am I Doing Good?

There’s a woman I work with whose native language is not American English, and when I pass her in the hall, she invariably says, “Hello, how are you doing?” I answer in my slovenly fashion, “uhh, good, thanks, howah you?”

She always says “I’m doing good”. Not “I’m doin’ good”, but DOING. I’m DOING good.

It struck me the other day, that makes it sound like she’s out there in the world Mother Theresa-ing around saving and helping, and I thought, ‘Am I doing any good?’



But maybe I’ll work on it.




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2 thoughts on “Am I Doing Good?

  1. hirundine608

    I would suppose much of that depends on definitions? The vagaries of language.

    Then that depends on how both the speaker and the listener use those definitions.

    Like alba10, the commentator here. I too am from UK. almost forty years ago now. I’ve been both teased and cajoled over my use of language as I know it. I used to try and fit in. These days I cannot be bothered. So what if I say roof and not roove?

    These days, I say with an emphasis on the english and say it with a smile. Language is always an evolving thing … Cheers Jamie. There are worse things in paradise and so you’re not doing good? Or even Good? Goodness gracious great balls of fire …

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  2. alba10

    When we first moved to the USA (5 years ago) and people asked me how I was I always replied “I’m very well, thank you” but my kids were all “Muuuum! You sound soooo British!!” so I’ve shortened it to “Fine, thank you” because I just can’t bring myself to say “I’m good”…. I mean what if I’m not good? What if I’m evil?
    Anyway your post made me smile today =)

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