Fun 2015

For whatever reason prompts these people to do these things, our weekly team status meeting was pre-emptied* this week by a session of Team Building Fun.  For those of you who only know about Team Building from TV and movies, let me tell you a little secret.

It’s not all country house weekends and falling backwards into someone’s outstretched arms, and then uncovering a plot to <insert goofy plot here.> This one was sitting around the conference table gluing little pieces of plastic stuff together.

I made a penguin with, apparently, a black eye (talking about Hillary at a Trump party, no doubt), and a snowman with sparkly purple shmutz all over himself. The Kill Me Now scarf was in reaction to the Klassic Kountry Kristmas Karols we listened to while having this fun.

I’m not a fan of this thing. I participate… see my shmutzy snowman?, but I don’t enjoy. However…. Coming up next week, we have another corporate fun event that I actually MIGHT like. I certainly hope I do… mostly of course, because it will be me doing it, so I want to enjoy it. But partly I want to enjoy it so I can tell YOU how much fun it was!!!

Aren’t you excited? Sharing in y corporate fun? YAY, corporate fun!

How about you? Any thrilling corporate fun activities this season? Do tell.

* I actually meant preempted, but auto-spell, or whatever his name is, though pre-emptied was better, and on reflection, so did I. Emptied of all the joy of the season. Grinch, grinch, whinge, crab. 😠

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