Weekend Coffee Share 3

If we were having coffee….

I’d tell you about The Ultimate Escape Game that we did as a work outing yesterday afternoon. I’d tell you that while it was fun being locked in a room, trying to solve clues to get out, 12 people is just too many. One person hogged all the clues to himself, one person did all the writing down and usually wrote things down wrong (plus kept leaving the cap off the dry erase marker, then complaining when it would dry out – a personal pet peeve of mine), one person kept MOVING the damned red box from room to room. One person kept saying, we need a clue, we need a clue. Umm, yes, we DO – that’s the whole idea.

We wasted a lot of time on one clue because one person decided we were missing something so we should stare at it some more (we weren’t, and we shouldn’t have) and we wasted a lot more time trying to figure out what the clogged-together keys on the typewriter meant. They were O, U, J, and Y, and they didn’t mean anything at all.

We failed to escape the room in time, (of course), and everyone went away with slightly hurt feelings. BUT it was still better than last year’s Christmas Bowling Extravaganza. And before you start, yes, I’m sure bowling IS fun. It’s just not for me and it would be nice if we could vote on these things instead of one person just deciding THIS is what we’re going to do. Sigh. Deep breath.

That’s enough about that.

Christmas is next Friday, and the big doings in the DataTater household is that we’re having sausage gravy and biscuits, and pancakes with sour cream and strawberries for breakfast. That’s it. End of festivities.

It’s been a busy week at work, which ones AREN’T? I’m not feeling up to snuff, but not quite sick either – just lazy and bored. I need a purpose in life, I guess. Is this why you people have kids, so you don’t ever have TIME to be lazy and bored?

The weather here south of Atlanta is stupidly warm for the week before Christmas. I know, it’s the south, I know that, but STILL… it could TRY!! 70 degrees (21C) is just not Christmas-y for me.

I’ve given up on yet ANOTHER of my 149 Great Novels. Tristam Shandy is going back to the library. I’ve lost the knack of reading ‘good’ books I guess. I don’t have the patience to parse through pages and pages of exposition. It’s not them, it’s me. I admit it.

We didn’t go anywhere fun, we didn’t eat anything interesting… it’s really a shame you bothered to come over, I’m not very good company today.

And no, I’m not going to talk about Star Wars.  Ever.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 3

  1. roweeee

    I keep having to remind myself that when Americans refer to biscuits and gravy they’re talking about what we call scones. Biscuits and gravy for an Australian just doesn’t sound right. No doubt like you guys having a warm Christmas, which is the norm for us. Strangely, Santa still manages to get around in the big red suit although he usually travels by fire truck around here xx Rowena

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  2. Charlie

    I love those escape rooms! The last one we did we also had too many people and ended up not getting out. The first one we tried we did get out and made it with 15 minutes left. Very fun.

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  3. Iphis of Scyros

    You’re not missing as much as you might be in not finishing “Tristram Shandy.” It’s a real up and down kind of book. Some bits are great, and in between the great bits it’s mostly tedious. And the whole thing is building up to what was at the time a dirty joke, but now is just bland. It’s more a classic for the way it messed around with narrative and defied conventions — like the page of solid black when the book itself went in mourning for a character who just died — than anything more or less, you know, normal that one might look for in a book.

    Took me months (about six of them, I think) to get through it. And the irony? I had decided to read it because I heard the film adaptation was brilliant, and I wanted to read the book before I saw it. Once I finally made it through the book, we rented the movie…
    ….and gave up after about ten minutes. It was a wee bit too faithful to the spirit of the thing. *sigh*

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  4. hirundine608

    Okay … shame about the sausage gravy. For the rest sounds delish.

    Funny how those things designed as “team work” end up being dominated in different ways. Maybe it goes to show that working in teams. Is only going to work with the traditional structure?

    I expect everyone escaped with e new qwerty appreciation?

    Being as I emigrated to Canada in 1977. I sort of remember that pop group “Tristram Shandy” in Britain. No, never even knew about the book. Then I’m not well read.

    Lastly. “Star Wars”. Always seemed so, well bad? Before the pop group. I was reading lots of what is known as “sci-fi”. Since coming to Canada, during the 1980’s. I read a few more and always enjoyed Ursula Le Guin. The rest, Heinlein who was culturally hip and some Abrasimoff before he passed the mortal coil. Not much time for.

    Of course my boy, who always had a hard time reading then. Gobbled that stuff up like candy. Star Wars this and that, for a few years. Thank goodness he is a bit better with printed matter now.

    Like the TV show Star Trek. Or as the comic Mad put it. Star Bletch. Those Hollywood produced shows always had the cowboy mentality toward other cultures. That enmity and shooting was the natural way of dealing with other cultures and aliens.

    But hey enjoyed the cuppa joe and the chat … have a good one. Keep writing, Cheers Jamie.

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