Our Day Will Come (Back)

When the sunspots devour The Cloud…

and the robots rise up…

and the only people who know how to do anything for themselves are the very elderly…

“Grandfather,we have 35 apples, and there are 7 of us! How do we share them fairly?”

“Grandmother, this paper has writing on it that’s all joined up in a string instead of just letters! What does it say?”

Those damned kids’ll be sorry then that they let their telephones run their lives.

What brought THAT on, you’re wondering?

Mr Tater kicked off an excellent rant the other morning because his car knows enough to NOT let its fan blow on him til it has heated up. In my day, he fumed, we knew enough ourselves to not turn the air on til it was warm. You just suck it up and drive in the cold til it’s ready; they’re making these kids stupider and stupider, eventually they won’t be able to breathe without an app, it all started with the Velcro, nobody knows how to tie their shoes, etc.

He might have gone a little overboard on that last one, but the sentiment rings true.


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9 thoughts on “Our Day Will Come (Back)

  1. alba10

    It’s not just the young folk though who cannae count – in Walmart today I asked for $100 cashback and could I please have two 50s. She didn’t have any so I asked her for two 10s and 20s instead…. she literally couldn’t figure out how many 20s and 10s to give me. Sheesh – if their cash register doesn’t tell them how much change to give out then they can’t do it!!! Your hubby is right – technology is taking over the world. 😦


    1. datatater Post author

      Oh and just try confusing them with change! The bill comes to $3.17, so I hand them a 5 and a quarter – WHAT?!?!?!?!?! They stare and fidget. (forgive the American currency references, but you get the point)



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