Non-Adventure Snack: Green Beans

An homage to NerdInTheBrain’s very clever Adventure Snack series… DataTater proudly presents what is probably the first and last in our series of Snacks That Make People Feel Sorry For Me.

Today:  steamed-in-the-bag green beans.

That’s all, just steamed in the microwave, torn open, dumped on a paper plate, and NOMNOMNOM’d.

I enjoy them very much, and it’s a healthy crunchy snack (as long as you don’t nuke them all the way to oblivion), and yet people walk by my desk at work and say, in an almost offended tone of voice: ‘are you eating green beans?‘ Like it’s the end of the world.

Image credit: Walter Chandoha

Image credit: Walter Chandoha

I’ll have them know that green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are full of protein and provide iron, along with two important B-complex vitamins: riboflavin, and thiamin.  And, for those who love charts: 700g of green beans have 217 calories, as compared to 3,700 calories in the same 700g of Cheetos.


Go ahead, feel sorry for me as you dive face-first into that caramel cocoa pumpkin-spice frosted cheesecake fondue platter!

Update added: 

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m AGAINST Cheetos. I LOVE me some Cheetos – the desiccated-finger-looking ones, not those puffy things. I eat them only on special occasions, though, and then with chopsticks to prevent the dreaded Orange Crusted Finger syndrome.


16 thoughts on “Non-Adventure Snack: Green Beans

  1. jessplainsong

    The Japanese have a delicious and similar snack called Edamame. Steamed soy beans in their skins, lightly dusted with salt. Hot and yummy, you nibble at the skins (which are ever so slightly salty) without chewing them and suck out the beans. That’s it. To be eaten with a beer or sake.


    1. datatater Post author

      Yes – very popular here as well – when Mr Tater and I first discovered them in some bar somewhere, we were unfamiliar with the nibble-and-suck process, so were slitting them down the back with our thumbnails and digging the beans out – what a mess. We agreed that if they were easier to eat we’d really like them. Then suddenly someone sitting near us ordered them and we watched in amazement at how easy it had just become! They have remained a staple in our ‘pub snack’ category.
      Thanks for reading!

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  2. hirundine608

    Nope … that’s the sort of snack I get behind, myself. I will eat a meal of those green beans, or other veggie’s equally delicious. Nothing but a big plate of green beans, with a little [okay, a big dollop of] butter and a large pinch of crunchy unrefined sea salt. … Oh and a couple of cloves of minced garlic. Now that’s yummy.


      1. hirundine608

        As an aside. Most people are magnesium deprived. Magnesium is found in sea water. So, the salt is refined. Meaning all the magnesium is taken out. Why? Because magnesium has an affinity for water. Which means? It just does not pour.

        Now magnesium, relaxes muscles. Including the heart muscle. Anyone taken to ER with a heart, or suspected, attack. Is given a huge boost of magnesium. So magnesium relaxes our muscles and calcium can contract them. Which is why there is an upsurge of women and some men with heart ailments, among other factors. For they take calcium supplements, to assist against osteoporosis. Yet, can neglect the magnesium needed to offset.

        I do not take supplements, as a rule. Preferring the idea of a healthy diet. Yet I do take both magnesium and iodine once or twice weekly.

        Want to relax at night and/or reduce or eliminate leg cramps? Take magnesium until the symptoms fade. Cheers Jamie.
        PS. Do not take too much, for magnesium can cause stomach problems and diarrhea.


    1. datatater Post author

      Oh dear – I think I’ve given a wrong impression. I actually LOVE Cheetos – the crunchy, desiccated-finger-looking ones, not the fat air-puffed ones. But I limit myself to them only on special occasions (like Christmas Eve! :-)); my heart loves the Cheetos, but my brain knows that green beans are a WAY “better” snack!

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      1. trentpmcd

        I’m weird, I don’t like 95% of manufactured snack food. I tried the puffy type, I think. OK, I do have a weakness for pretzels, but other than that I try stick with my homemade trail mix and fruit for snacks. I can see green beans, though 😉



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